Select Matching Reference

Understanding how EndNote formats temorary citations will help to use and fix mismatched citations in your Word document.

When unformatted, an EndNote citations looks like {Author, Year, #number}

EndNote searches the Word document for a left curly brace { If one is found EndNote assumes that a temporary citaton has been found. EN then looks for an Author, Year and the record number. If all 3 match, then EN can apply the style to the reference and move on.

Don't use the curly brace { } for notes, comments, place holder etc.

Most of the time the record number is the culprit. If a references is moved / copied from one to another the record number will change. EN never re-uses a record number.

The mismatch window will help to easily repair the issue(s). You can use the convert to un-formatted ciations command in Word to un-format ALL the citations. I would recommend this to force EN to check all the citations.


The example below shows that the record number has changed. EN is able to suggest the correct reference and we can see that the record number has changed from #4 to #8. To replace the reference choose the Insert button.

What if EN cannot find a matching reference?

Change the Find dialogue. normally entering just the author and year will suffice, but EN will search all fields. This may give multiple results. Carefully check you have the correct reference before inserting.

mismatch Find

If you are still not sure of the reference or the correct reference does not appear, click on the Ignore button. This reference will NOT be formatted. You can easily locate the 'ignored' reference in the document by searching for the curly brace {. As the citation is un-formatted you can easily delete the reference, everything inside and including the curly braces. Then insert the correct reference from your EN library.

Coffee What if I need a coffee break and I'm only halfway through?

Click the the Ignore All button. SAVE the document. This will save all the changes you have made so far. When you come back, update citations and EN will start again from the first un-matched citation.


Changing the view on your library can help: Edit > Preferences, on the Mac, EndNote > Preferences:

Library view

This displays the actual record numbers in your library:

Record Numbers