EndNote: Page Numbers

EndNote Page Numbers

Page Numbers

There are 2 ways of entering page numbers to your citatons.

The first and most straight forward way is to use the suffix field.

Insert your citation(s) in the document. Make sure the citations are formatted. If they are un-formatted, use the update citations and bibliography.

Update Citations

Once a citation has been formatted it should not be edited directly as the added information will be lost the next time the document is formatted. You should use the Edit Citation(s) command.

In Word, click on the citation you wish to change. (Allen 1988). From the Tools menu select Edit & Manage Citation(s). (Alt+6).

Edit Citations

This will bring up the Edit Citation dialogue box.

There are several different ways to add page numbers to the citation. The easiest way is to add a suffix….


Note spaces are important. You may need to add a space or comma etc. before the added text. Click OK. 
The citation should be updated to read (Author Year page 32). This method should work fine for the majority of users and does not require you to modify the EndNote templates or output styles.

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