EndNote: Cloud Drive issues

Windows: Moving from Dropbox

Moving library from Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.

Always have a backup of your EndNote library and current Word document.

On a PC best to put your library in the local Documents folder.

Open your original EndNote library.
Now you can Save a Copy from the File menu and give the library a NEW meaningful name, do NOT call it "My EndNote Library", this is the default name used by EndNote and can lead to confusion if you have different libraries with the same name. ( Save a copy, this will leave a copy in the original location ).

Document Folder

Once saved you can close any open libraries and then File > Open Library, navigate to Documents and open the new library copy. You could also navigate to the new location in File Explorer and double click on the library.enl file to open.

enl file

If you have previously synced your library to EndNote Online, you must give the new library a DIFFERENT name. Save it to the new location, DO NOT make any changes, sync this new library.
A warning will appear, click yes to proceed. EndNote should authorise but no real changes should be made.

IF all OK, make a backup and use this library going forward.

After backing-up you can remove the original library files from your Cloud Drive location.