Term Lists

Term lists assist with data entry by suggesting words and phrases as you type. As you enter new references into your library, term lists are automatically created for author names, journal names and keywords. Term lists are specific to each EndNote library, but you can import them from other libraries.

By default, term lists are automatically updated from the terms entered in your references. New terms appear in red text in the reference window.

If you enter a lot of references manually, you may find it helpful to create new term lists for things like publisher and city names. Up to 31 term lists can be created for any library. There is no limit to the number of terms in a term list.

Journal term lists allow for both the full and abbreviated titles to be entered, enabling you to switch between them depending on your output style. EndNote provides ready-made journal term lists, e.g. Bioscience, Chemical, Law, Medical and Humanities that can be imported into your library. You would do this if you are using an output style that requires abbreviated journal titles.

(e.g. “Australian Journal of Earth Sciences”) and two forms of abbreviation – one with and the other without periods/full stops (e.g. “Aust. J. Earth Sci” and “Aust J Earth Sci”). When installed in an EndNote library it facilitates automatic conversion between these forms according to the bibliographic requirements specified in the EndNote formatting style for any specific journal.


Open your EndNote library file in EndNote, in the usual way.

From EndNote’s Tools menu select Open Term Lists and, from the sub-menu, Journals Term List.

This should produce a dialog showing the journal names which EndNote itself has automatically inserted into the Journals term list for this library file. Since these names will have no corresponding abbreviations — indeed some or even all of them may already be abbreviated — it is usually recommended that you delete them before adding the new list. If you wish you may save a copy of the existing list first.

To save the existing list, click on the Lists tab button at the top of the dialog, then click on Journals in the main box to select the existing Journals list, and then on the Export List … button.

Before importing a ready-made terms list you must delete the existing term list.

Select all the journal names in the existing list. Click on the first to select it, scroll to the bottom of the list and, with the Shift key pressed, click on the last. ( Ctrl+a, selects all ). Then click on the Delete Term button on the right of the dialog. This should remove all names from the existing list.

Click on the Lists tab button at the top of the dialog, click on Journals to select it, and then on the Import List… button

You will then need to navigate to the folder that contains the journal term lists (look in the EndNote program folder called Terms Lists).
Once the terms list has been imported, you need to check the output style to make sure it is correctly configured to use Abbreviations .

Style Journal Abbreviation

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