Moving a Word document between synced libraries

Never save an active library to Drop box, iCloud, One Drive, etc.

Have your EndNote library open.
Follow this link for instructions for syncing a library between different machines.

We want to move a document with active EndNote references from computer A to computer B.

Once you have finished working on the document on computer A.

Make sure that the last thing you do is to Update Citations and Bibliography and then save.

Sync Word

Move the saved document to computer B. Make sure that the synced library is open.

Open the Word document and Update Citations and Bibliography. This makes sure that the
references are are now matched to the local library.

Use the same procedure when moving back from B to A.

Here is a short PDF link on the above: Sharing Word documents

Why and fixing issues


Each synced version of the library will have different record numbers.

On one version Smith 2017 may have a record number of #1. On the other synced library the
record number for the same reference may be #121.

This is because when we sync the library, the records are normally imported sorted by Author
starting at #1. EndNote uses record numbering to ensure that each record in the library is unique.

If you forget to update the citations, then you may be presented with the select matching reference
dialogue box. See this link.

If changes are made to a citation that is already used in the document, you should first update citations to match the local library. Then convert to unformatted Citations. The bibliography should disappear and citations appear as {Author, Year #number}. Now Update Citations and Bibliography, this will make EndNote check each citation and match to the latest information in the local library.