EndNote: Online Sync

Online Sync

Setting up Online Sync.


Never save an active library to Dropbox, iCloud, One Drive, etc.

Having large or many file attachments will have an impact on syncing. Espeacially if you have a slower Internet connection.
Consider using Absolute links for PDFs and file attachments. See the EndNote Help menu > File attachments.

Have your EndNote library open. To create a new account you will need the latest version of EndNote. Edit > Preferences > Sync ( on the Mac under the EndNote menu ). Click on Enable Sync, follow the prompts to enable / set-up your Online account.

If you have a Web of Science account, use the same logon information for your EndNote online account. This will enable cross referencing between Web of Science and EndNote online.

Sync Enable

Unless you are 100% sure that you have an existing online account, use the Sign Up.

Even if you have an account, following sign up will help to confirm.

If you are sure of your account then you can enter the Account Credentials

Sign Up

Once the account is set-up you library will sync. You can Sync automatically or
you can manually sync with the Sync icon in your library.

DO NOT be tempted to share a library with your self. See our help on library sharing.

Group sets will not show online in your browser, the information will be synced through and show on other synced desktop computers.

The initial Sync will take the longest time as you will need to upload all the contents of your
library to the Internet. After the first sync only changes will need to be sent.

If you want to sync to another machine. Open a Blank library on the other machine.

Under the Sync preferences, Enter your e-mail and password. Sync.

The references will be dowloaded to the blank library. Changes made on any Synced library will be
made to all linked libraries.

If you Synchronize your library between multiple computers, you may also wish to work with your documents. You can do this if the documents remain in the formatted state. If you move a document which is un-formatted, the citations will not match when moved to another machine. See this link on our website: http://www.crandon.com.au/endnote/faq/SyncDocument.html

Video link setting up Sync: https://youtu.be/YIzbdvRNz8Q

Full EndNote Online account, unlimited storage, lasts for 2-years from activation date.
After 2-years the account will revert to EndNote Basic. 2GB of attachments and 50,000 references.
To re-activate you will need to upgrade to the latest version of EndNote.



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