Earth Sciences Journal Term Lists

Note: EndNote terms lists are not installed in the EndNote program itself, but separately in each library file with which they are to be used.  (It is reasonably easy to copy a terms list from one library file to another.)

The Earth Sciences Journals Terms List is provided as the tab-delimited text file named EarthSciences.txt. It should be imported into your EndNote library from this file, using the following procedure:

From your browser select the Download file link. The download link opens the text file in the browser.

You can then save this text file File>Save As and save to your desktop or any easy to remember location.

Open your EndNote library file in EndNote, in the usual way.

From EndNote’s Tools menu select Open Term Lists and, from the sub-menu, Journals Term List.

This should produce a dialog showing the journal names which EndNote itself has automatically inserted into the Journals term list for this library file. Since these names will have no corresponding abbreviations — indeed some or even all of them may already be abbreviated — it is usually recommended that you delete them before adding the new list. If you wish you may save a copy of the existing list first.

To save the existing list, click on the Lists tab button at the top of the dialog, then click on Journals in the main box to select the existing Journals list, and then on the Export List … button.

In the resulting Terms export file dialog, name, locate and export the list. When complete and returned to the Term Lists dialog, click on the Terms tab button at the top of the dialog.

Select all the journal names in the existing list. Click on the first to select it, scroll to the bottom of the list and, with the Shift key pressed, click on the last. ( Ctrl+a, selects all ). Then click on the Delete Term button on the right of the dialog. This should remove all names from the existing list.

Click on the Lists tab button at the top of the dialog, click on Journals to select it, and then on the Import List… button


Browse as usual to locate the EarthSciences.txt file and choose it for import.

You should see a message to tell you that approximately 1100 references have been added to the list. Check by clicking the Terms tab button again, and you should see the list of full names displayed. To see the accompanying abbreviations for any one journal, click on that journal’s name to select it, and then on the Edit Term… button.

You will then see the list entries for the full journal name, Abbreviation 1, Abbreviation 2 and an empty Abbreviation 3 field which you can use to add any third abbreviation that might be appropriate to your needs.

You can subsequently edit the terms list to add new journal names or to edit any of those in the list or their matching abbreviations if you encounter errors during regular use. Please tell us (see below) of those errors or omissions.

Using the Earth Sciences Journals Terms List

Feel free to use the list as you wish. There is only one obligation — to enhance the list’s utility please report any significant errors, omissions etc. that you come across (particularly omitted journal names). Email details to

so that the list can be periodically updated.