EndNote: iCloud issues

Mac: iCloud issues. Moving Library.

Moving library from iCloud

Always have a backup of your EndNote library and current Word document.

On the Mac, best to put your library in the Home Folder.

Checking iCloud status.

Check the iCloud settings from the Apple icon > System Preferences > iCloud > iCloud Drive > Options:


Can be enabled during the iCloud activation. Don't uncheck, best to leave on and follow the instructions to create a new location.


Make sure Documents and Data are not being Synced. If yes, then save the library to another location. Make sure this is NOT enabled if you want to use these locations. WARNING, turning this feature off will remove all the files from these locations, you will need to download the files from iCloud to restore. Better to move the library to a new folder in Home.

This setting will also make changes if your disk is getting full, even if the above is NOT slected.


Creating a new folder in the Home location

Create a NEW folder on the Mac HD, call it EN Library files. Now save the EndNote library to this new location. Best way is to open Finder, click on the Go menu and click on the Home icon:


Create the new folder in this Home folder by clicking on File > New Folder.

New Folder

Give your new folder a meaningful name such as EN Library Folder. Easy to locate and outside any iCloud sync. To easlily locate the Home folder, even in the EndNote Save as dialogue window, you can use the shortcut Shift+Command+H.

Open your original EndNote library.
Now you can Save a Copy from the File menu and give the library a NEW meaningful name, do NOT call it "My EndNote Library", this is the default name used by EndNote and can lead to confusion if you have different libraries with the same name. ( Save a copy, this will leave a copy in the original location ).

Clicking on the drop arrow to the right of the Save As field will expand the navigation view.
Do NOT check Save as Package.

Save a copy

Once saved you can close any open libraries and the File > Open Library, navigate to the new folder
you created inside the Home folder and open the new library copy. You could also navigate to the new location in Finder and double click on the library.enl file to open.

If you have previously synced your library to EndNote Online, you must give the new library a DIFFERENT name. Save it to the new folder, DO NOT make any changes, sync this new library.
A warning will appear, click yes to proceed. EndNote should authorise but no real changes should be made.

IF all OK, make a backup and use this library going forward.

After backing-up you can remove the original library files from your iCloud location.