EndNote: Direct Export Helper

Installation (Windows)

Direct Export Helper


Install issue with Direct Export Helper.

Due to certain workstation specific Windows system settings, it may not be possible to install EndNote with a typical install that also includes the Direct/Web Export Helper. As a workaround, you can install the software using the Custom Install option and then run the Direct Export Helper installer.

The installation stalls at the following screen:

Restart the computer. You need to restart the machine else you can get caught in a loop with Error 1500: Another installation in progress.

Be sure you have no applications running during the installation. We also recommend temporarily disabling your antivirus software during the installation.

With the EndNote X8 run the installation and use the Custom Install option instead of the Typical Install. Go with the default settings and when prompted to "Select Features," deselect the "Install Direct Export Helper" option as seen below:

Next > Next: Un-check the Install Direct Export Helper option. If the previoius install is detected, choose to overwrite the files.

Once installed, Open EndNote. Normally found on the start menu or type EndNote into the Windows search bar. The full standard path to the EndNote app is: C:\Program Files (x86)\EndNote X8\EndNote.exe

Open / create your own library. Quit EndNote. File menu > Exit.

You can now install the Direct Export Helper:

Open Control Panel > Programs > Programs and Features. Click on EndNote and click Change

Now check the install Direct Export Helper and complete the installation.