Library Sharing

Sharing on a network drive

Library sharing with EndNote Online allows a user to share their full library with colleagues in real-time but a large number of PDFs or attachments with large file sizes can slow the process for all users. If users have access to the same local network drive, then consider placing a Read Only copy of the library in a shared folder on the network drive. There will be no delay with accessing the library even with large file attachments.

Normally one person is responsible for updating the shared library. They have the Master library on their machine. They can then save a copy, with a different name, for example "Shared Library", to the shared drive location. This Shared Library is then set to read only. All users can open the library and use the references to insert into Word documents. If required, they can even save a copy to their own machine to use when away from the network.

Other users are not able to add or edit references in the shared library. If they wish to add a refrence to the library, the best way is to create the new reference(s) in their own library. Add these to a temporary group. Send a compressed library copy of the temp group to the master user. The master user can then open the temp library, copy the references to the Master library on their machine. To update the Shared library on the network: Set the shared library to read and write, save a copy of the Master as Shared Library to replace the old version. Set back to read only. Best to decide a time of day when all users know that the library will not be available during the replacement process. This should only take a few minutes.

The master user needs to have admin privilages to the shared network folder location. File > Save a Copy, rename and save to the network shared drive:

Save As

Right click on the library file and change to read only:

Read Only

Users opening from the Shared location will see the message that the library is on a locked volume and no changes will be saved. Users cannot edit or add to the shared library. They can open and use the references in their document or copy references to their own library.