Sharing Groups

Sharing Groups with EN Online

Sharing groups of references, no attachments.

Any user with an EndNote Online account can share the references contained within the shared group. The user must log-in to Online to see the shared group references.
Users only have access to the group. No attachments. Permissions can be set to read only or read and write.

Sharing EN Online

Users who want to edit / cite the references on the desktop version can copy references from the shared group into their own group and sync.

Remember: The changes will NOT sync to the shared group from the shared user's own library. Any edits or new references have to be made through the Online portal and user must have the required permissions to make changes.

Create a group of references in your synced library.

Log-in to

From the Organize tab > Manage My Groups

group sharing


If you are sharing / writing a document and want to use the Online Word add-in to insert references, you have to copy the references from the shared group into your own library / group. Not as efficient as full library sharing, but you can share with users that do not have access to a full version of EndNote.



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