Sharing a Library

Full Library Sharing

Library sharing allows a user to share their full library with colleagues in real-time.

If you only want to share references without attachments then you should consider Group sharing you can also use the compressed library feature to send a copy of your library.

If you want to Sync your own library to your other devices then: Sync with EndNote Online.

To 'Activate' a new Online account you must have the latest version of EndNote.

An Online account is active for 2-years with unlimited reference space. After the subscription ends, the account is limited to 50,000 references and 2GB of attachments. To renew the subscription, EndNote must be upgraded to the latest version.

Generally NOT a good idea to share a library with thousands of attachments, especially if you have a slower Internet connection. Better to use absolute links to an external folder OR share the library on a local network drive. This way the PDFs can be stored on a shared network drive or use links from Drop Box or similar. The library only has links to the PDF and only users with access to that PDF folder will be able to see / open the PDF files. As the library is simply text, the sync times will be minimal and speed up the process considerably. Click here for more information on linking and checking for attached PDF file size.

DO NOT save your active EndNote library to a network drive, Drop Box, iCloud, One Drive, etc. Library must be saved to the LOCAL drive.
DO NOT save a copy of a shared library. DO NOT use a back-up of a library shared with you. The original owner of the library MUST make the back-up.

How it works:

See the video

Trying out for the first time? BACK-UP your library...

REMEMBER: if you are the owner of the shared library, DO NOT share with yourself. You should be syncing a new blank library if you want to access from another machine.

Create / Open the library you wish to share File > Share...


Invite user(s) to share your library:


An e-mail is sent with a link to accept and start sharing. Each user must have an active Online account.

The initial invite can be any e-mail address, but to accept the user must log-in with their EndNote Online e-mail and password.

Once accepted the user will show as an active member in the sharing window:


Sharing a Word Document with the shared library

When sharing a Word document between users with a shared library, send a formatted copy of the document. When receiving the formatted document do not un-format, keep instant formatting on. If you need un-format, run the Update Citations and Bibliography first.

Sharing document

This will ensure that the record numbers match the local copy of the library. The references may look the same in the shared library BUT the record numbers may vary.

See this PDF: Sharing Word document and library