EndNote: Random Selection

EndNote Random Selection

How to Select Random References

Always have a backup of your EndNote library and current Word document.

You will need to download this style: Random CSNSW.ens

Save the file to your downloads folder. Open the style. Should open with EndNote. With the style open: File > Save As re-name if required. Choose this style in your library window.

Select all the references that you wish to take a random selection from. Use the right click menu > Copy formatted. (Edit menu > Copy formatted).

Paste into a new Excel worksheet into cell A1.

In cell B1 type: =RAND() Then copy B1 and paste from B2 until the end of the inserted cells. In this example B70, as I copied in 70 references. Remember the last cell number.

In cell C1 type: =INDEX($A$1:$A$70,RANK(B1,$B$1:$B$70)) You will need to change the 70 in this example to your last cell number. You can copy and paste from above, but be careful not to add a space at the end and change the last cell number.

Move the cell margin to cover the range, number of refrences you want to use:



Copy and paste as text the results from column C into your Word document and format with your required style. ( Update citations and bibliography).

Note that any references without an Author name may result in a miss-match. Use the miss-match window to 'match' insert.

You can either modify a style that doesn't show the citations or convert to plain text and copy paste the bibliography to another document. In the example below we copied the record number to the label field and altered the style to start each reference with Label -

Word output