EndNote: Catalina

EndNote X9.3.1 Mac - Catalina OS 10.15

Updating to Mac: Catalina OS 10.15

Always have a backup of your EndNote library and current Word document.


Users should update to X9.3.1 BEFORE installing the new Mac OS 10.15

Best not to update your Operating System if you are near the end of your project.

If you have X9.0 / X9.1 / X9.1.1 you will receive a message to update to X9.3.1. Follow the prompts to download and install.

If you have X9.2 installed and check for updates it will tell you that EndNote is already up to date. It will NOT show the update to X9.3.1.
Follow this link for instructions to manually download and install the patch.

If you already have Catalina installed, then older EndNote versions will not run. You will need to re-install X9.3.1. If you have a site licence copy you will need to obtain the new installer from your Institution.

If you have saved your library as a package: .enlp, you will first need to extract the library from the package to convert.
In Finder > right click on the .enlp file or press and hold the ‘Control’ key and left click and select show Package Contents.
Copy and paste / Drag and Drop the .enl file and .Data folder to the location you wish to save your library.
Recommend you do not save your library as a package.


After updating to X9.3.1, you will need to convert your library to the new 64bit format. EndNote will make a converted copy.
The original will remain incase you need to use it with older versions of EndNote.
You can use sync to move your data to different systems and or versions.


Click Yes to continue.

In the Save As: dialogue, EndNote suggests the original library name and adds the suffix "-Converted"

You can change the name to anything but make it obvious this is the new version, use a meaningful name for your libary like MasterLibrary-Converted, try to stay away from MyEndNoteLibrary the default name used by EndNote.

If you are syncing your library to EndNote Online, save the converted library in the same location. Back-up and sync.
You will be warned that this is a different library. Click OK and sync. No changes should be made.

An update for the Windows version is due for release later in the year. In the meantime...

If you want to share or move / copy your library to a Windows machine, you will need to either share the library with EndNote Online or Sync to your own Windows machine. The new Mac format is NOT currently compatible with Windows or older versions.
A Windows vesion X9.3 update will be released to restore cross-platform compatibility.