Using the Label Field

Full Library Sharing

With multiple users sharing a library and Word document(s), errors can occur when the document is not matched to the local shared library copy by each user.
This is because the record numbers are NOT the same in each instance of a shared library. Record numbers are used by default by EndNote.

To prevent this, ALL users can change their preferences to use the label filed instead of the EndNote record number. The label field will remain constant across all shared libraries.
This enables users to use unformatted citations. As unformatted citations are simply text, no hidden code, it can help negate errors that can occur when sharing a document.

Back-up the library first. If you make a mistake with the copy field command it cannot be undone. Best to ensure the Label field is not currently required.

The main admin user, (the person sharing the library), should initially use the tools > change / move / copy field command to copy the existing record numbers to the label field.
We use the record number initially as this is always a unique number. Normally the best procedure is to only update the label field from the same library. This will ensure that the label reference is always unique. It is possible to for other users to assign a label, best to assign a prefix with initials or similar to ensure uniqueness.

Copy Label

After the initial setup, remember that a unique number / reference must be entered for each new reference added to the library if using this method. For example: Other users adding references cannot simply assign the record number from their shared copy, they should add the user name or initials before the existing record number.
Usually the best way is to set up a smart group for empty label fields and / or show the label field in the library display window. This can be sorted to show references that do not have the required number in the label field and the admin user can assign the unique record number to the label field.

Edit menu (EndNote menu Mac) > Preferences > Display Fields. Change the desired Column to show Label:



Sorting by the Label column will show if any references in the library have not been assigned a Label.

The preferences will need to be updated for each user: Edit menu (EndNote menu Mac) > Preferences > Temporary Citations:


Remember all users will need to be using the label field for this to work correctly.

Using unformatted citations with the label field in a shared Word document.

Normally unformatted citations are shown in the format: {Author, Year, #recordnumber}
When using the label field: {Author, Year, Label}
When citations are unformatted the reference list will not be generated.

To unformat citations: Use the Word > EndNote tab > Convert to unformatted citations. Turn off automatic formatting:


The example below shows formatted, unformatted and unformatted using the label field. In the example the user's initials proceed a unique number in the label field.


To edit a citation, you can manually edit using the instructions shown in the EndNote Help menu > Components of a Temporary Citation.

Else use the Update Citations and Bibliography from the EndNote tab in Word. Now you can click in the citation and use the Edit Citation command.

Once the edit is complete, use the Convert to Unformatted Citations command to return the document back to unformatted.

Users who do not have access to the shared library, should be asked not to make changes to the temporary citations.

Copy / Paste or moving blocks of text containing citations should only be made with unformatted citations.